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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh $#!7 !!!!!!!!!! Time for the new-new!!!!!

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Well, i know i've been very...uh....slack with the blog here(Procrasterbation). Anyways, me and Ren are going to start a brand new podcast show. We'll be talking about Japan's crazy and alluring nightlife...the clubs, the bars, and yes....the love hotels. We'll tell you the good, the bad, and the OMFG, why did i do that?!?!? I was THAT drunk?!?!? of the late-night/early morning experience. We're calling it "Nippon After Dark". ^_^ So yah, you'll get updates via this blog and through our new show coming very, very soon at
Also subscribe to us on iTunes as well!!!! It's free....maybe. lol!!! Just kidding...$20 a download!! lol!!! It's free, calm yo' self!!

Remember when i said in our Wasabi Boiz show that Ren could be Wario???
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Yah...uh.....I totally regret it now. Damn you Ren!!! Have a rotten day!!! ^_^