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Monday, November 22, 2010

*I'm still here, otabitches!!!*

....I'm still around and i know TastyBeatz been on perpetual bullshitty hiatus due to and...the Wasabi fuckers....^_^. Anyways, i'm working hard at getting myself and TastyBeatz back in order, baby!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

*What happen to those guys who dont make the cut???* a super-sentai team. Yah, we always see the 3 to 5 members of various spectrum of the electromagneticosity battling evil-doers and save the world and blah, blah, blah.......what about the ones who has the power, but not so much the goody-goody two-shoes saturday morning special attitude who end up on the sidelines? That were we come in. In a world full of superheroes and sentais, four strangers team up to battle the streotypes of good and evil and laugh in their faces!!! Here come's *enter tokusatsu theme song*: Chou Sentai Reject Team, Go!!!!

Starring: Driger as a sentai-obessessed fanboy who wins his very own Kamen Rider-ish typhoon belt through an online contest on a forum.

Ren as who works as a bartender in the city's most popular nightclub and owns his own bakery. Unknown to the public, he is actually a former member of one of the city's most famous sentai hero teams, the Nin-Nin Denkou Emotirangers (Ligntning Ninja Emotirangers).

Shadow X as an anti-social IT technician for the city's major comglomerate, HenshinWerks. During a solar flare, the city's power output exceeded itself and a massive power surge blew out city blocks. During a routine systems check on the massive bio-powered supercomputer, a surge hit and his body was bombarded with electromagnetic radiation. The computer itself synced up to his body and installed the vastness of the interwebz into his brain. His body gain a cybernetic look. He is the most technologically intelligent being in the planet.

And of course, yours truly, as an ex-military soldier now works as a DJ. During the solar flare, the government's most advanced nano-tech was infected with a bio-tech virus (the AT virus *AT is for auto-tune*......shawtaaay!!) The nano-tech bonded with a pair of my headphones while i was in the lab on base. The nano-tech gave superhuman strength, agility, speed, and an auto-tuned voice!!

This project is in the works for now, but we'll keep you posted!!!
Henshin-A-Go-Go, baby!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

*A new spin on "Tasty Beatz"*

Well, i know when i originally started this blog, i focused on music and random lil tidbits of info-tainment. Now, i'm going to focus solely on its namesake....I'll still keep the same awesome content, but i wanted start talking about my other passion......FOOD!! Either cooking it or eating it (more of that than, i'll keep up posted on crazy, strange, scary food to the most delictable culinary gems the world has to offer.

And with that said, i begin.......with bacon. Yah, i know. "Bacon???" Everybody loves bacon. Even vegans will jump out of their bunnyroos to attack a wendy's baconator if need be (like always!!). But my question to you is....How far will your love for bacon go?? Bacon-flavored mints, to chewing gum?? Of even baconnaise (bacon-flavored/infused mayonnaise....yah, i know....)

Or.....or even delve into the deep reccesses of Switzerland to own your very own bottle.....of Squeez Bacon. Yes my lovely bishies, it's real. I know, a stoner's dream come true.....some potted meat or maybe spam, a lil cheese whiz, and some squeez bacon and BLAMMO!!! Feastin' for weeks!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

*Daycon '10........Re-Wind*

Well, me and the guys took a lil' four hour drive to Clarksville, Tenneesee for the one-day event called Daycon. It was their first event.....EVER....and we christen its hollowed halls with our otaku-y bishie-ness of fandomosity!! If you live in the Clarksville/Nashville area, make it there for next year and also for this year's GMX (Geek Media Expo) on October 22-24 in Nashville. We will definitely be there!!!!!

Daycon '10:

GMX 2010:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*My XBL Gamer Tag*

Add me on's: TOK3NBL4CK6UY

Also add me on facebook:
MSN Messager: Kaiju_Cam

*Well, i guess they love (ish) us more than i thought!!*

Well, as the number of social shut-ins continue to rise higher and higher, Japanese women(and men) have steadily increased their attraction to others of different cultural them foreigners(gaijin)and whatever you want.....but, they want us!! Anyways, here's the rating of the top 10 foreigners the Japanese want to date.....

1. USA – 4,194

2. Italy – 3743

3. UK – 3,467

4. France – 3,249

5. Korea – 2,706

6. Spain – 1,535

7. Russia – 1,256

8. Germany – 1,195

9. Brazil – 396

10. China – 296

America......Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

*I ain't givin' it and i ain't takin' it either!!!!!*

Read the more bitch-osity from me or from anyone else!!!!! Being a bitch is too exhausting on the mind, body, and soul. Yah, granted i'm frustrated with my life, but you know what......FUCK IT!! I miss being the crazy, random, creative me. The real ME. No more bitchassness!!! And fine, i'll say it......I'm a sexy beast with a very large penis!!! *Self-confidence points rose up .5%*....hey, it's something.

Friday, July 30, 2010

*The Birth of Kaiju Cam*

Hey kiddies, i've been putting some tracks together and i'm thinking of dropping that idea and get more....vocal. I might talk to a friend of mine to compile some beats together so i can MC over them. Yah, Ikki maybe getting into the nerdy hip-hop game. I'll be under the alias, Kaiju Cam.....i may even wear a monster costume while on stage....(hmm....maybe tentacles...) Ohh....sorry, anyways..So yah, me + rappin' + nerdiness = hopefully win somewhere down the line. Just wish me lick!! (Did i just say "lick"?!?!?....either an innocent typo or i still have tentacles on the brain) ^_^

*Otaku + Hip-Hop renditions = Epic Win.....(or fail, depending on douchebags)*

3/4 of the Wasabi Boiz (Me, Drig, and Shadow) worked on an otaku remix of Rick Ross' "Hustlin'".....well, we took out the patron, big money spending, various women of different races, drug innuendos, and ballin' ass cars..and left the only thing spinnin' (and it ain't rims, shawty!!). Yes, we went there and made our version: Beybladin'....Vocals are done by me and Driger (Chibi-tized). We hope you enjoy when its released on our podcast site.....Oh, and for Driger...Butt Beastin' Business!!! ^_^

Thursday, July 8, 2010

*OMG!!!! They're everywhere!!!!!* brain!!....uhhh.....uhhhh.....too....tooo.......tooooo much *desu*..

*Back to "Nyuuu" beginings......*

I'm moving in a different direction in my life. More postive and fulfilling. Although all major setbacks i've had, i can still say that it was worth it. Rejection, failure, it's all better than not doing a damn at all. ^_^ Be proud to suck complete ass as times, because if you didnt try your damndest at whatever you're trying to achieve, noone else would....that's all the honor you could ask for.

*ATTACK OF THE "DESU"!!!!!!!!*

Dare i say it, it needs more *desu*!!....^_^ And more "desu" you shall get. Me and Ren have been seriously brainstorming about our cafe ideas.....yes, cafe. The Defective Duo, The Blunder Twins, The....shit....i can't think of another super-zero groping...i mean, grouping name. Ahh....i got one for the four of us, The Super-Fiends!!! *cue tokusatsu theme song*......Anyways, back to business...Me and Ren are going to own and run a cosplay cafe/bar/grill here in Atlanta or somewhere we (Wasabi Boiz) end up settling down at. *Desu!!* Ren and I are going to culinary clases to learn (professionally) how to prepare food for people. Plus, Ren is already a certified bartender and i'm a DJ...yay!! I must say, this (compared to my avionics job) is whooole lot more fun and beneficial to me. So, the cafe is something i'm stucking towards from now on.

Monday, June 7, 2010

.......In a really big Tokusatsu mood.....

....especially for AWA this year. I'm piecing together a custom Tokusatsu hero based on the Kamen Rider design. I'm a mix of Spider-man, Kamen Rider, and some Hong-Kong Phooey in there!!! Speaking of Kamen Rider......the Rider Wars movie is up for sale in Japan. It came out back in February.

Here's the link.....


Yes, kiddies!! Your favorite kokujin no gaijin is back in full effect...but this time, i'm going for broke!!! Ikki's back and i have alot of work to do to get myself(and I-Studios) into stellar mode. Well, lets get to it guys!!!!