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Sunday, August 16, 2009

*Why did i leave Frisco???*

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Well, there's multiple reasons why i left Cali. I mean hell, if i didn't i wouldn't have been with those bastards (Ren, Shadow, and Driger) i call "friends". Just kidding, you guys are the greatest. Anyways, yester-fucking-day in Japan Town in San Fran, the first commercial complex that is deidicated to J-pop was opened for the first time....EVER in the states. It's called New People.

Yes, a store strictly for J-pop and fashion and movies. And i ain't talking about the mom and pop stores in the mall, this place is three-stories high full of books, toys, DVD, music, and clothes. This place was japanese clothing stores that carry Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Dokidoki, Black Peace Now, and Sou Sou. It also has a movie theather in the basement and an art gallery on the top floor.

Seiji Horibuchi, president of VIZ Pictures Inc and is also one of the key individuals who worked on the New People project, was present at the opening. He annouced the August 15th is National J-POP Day at during the event. I do believe we need to set up a road trip for San Fran, what do you think??? If you put in for gas, we'll see if we can fit you in. ^_^

*Wasabi Boiz are gonna be droppin' bombs at AWA*

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And in "bombs" i don't mean major failures or when Driger eats dairy products, i mean hella good crazy shit for the public. We are now getting things in motion for our panel at AWA XVI. I want to get a costume prepared but i dont have alot of time and i dont want to go as a naruto ninja again. *sigh* Oh well, i'll figure it out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*If we were in a 2D fighter.......*

I think this would be the outcome.....
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And yours truly...
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*Only in Japan......*

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You can use the Kamen Rider franchise to promote political issues. For the August 30th Lower House election, Jigoku Taishi (Ambassador Hell) and Shinigami Hakase (Dr Death) of the evil Shocker syndicate, the two greatest villians from Kamen Rider, appeared on the event stage in Tokyo. “What comes after we conquer the world? A better nation,” actor Ren Osugi, who plays Jigoku Taishi, shouted after arriving on stage aboard a mock election campaign vehicle. Drawing applause, Osugi and actor Renji Ishibashi, who plays Shinigami Hakase, then declared the establishment of a new political party to run in the election — the Great Shocker Party. I know who has Driger's vote!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

*In search of otaku hotness*

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We are looking for sexy females to model our new mascot, which will be the new image for Itadakimasu! Studios. You must between the ages of 18-26 and full of WIN!!! If you dont know what that means, then i'll translate....very, very hot!! ^_^

*The grass isn't so greener on the other side of the pond.....*

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Within this month alone, the japan's female enterntainer world has experienced tragic losts. For instance, singer and actress Noriko Sakai(now 38), and her 10-year old son, have gone missing since August 3rd when her husband was charged for drug possesion. There is no word of her whereabouts or even how see left. Another tragedy this month,vetaran actress Reiko Ohara was found dead in her home this past Thursday in Tokyo's Setagaya Yard. It's believed she has been dead for two weeks before the police found her body. She suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder in the nervous system that causes sudden weakness in the legs and arms, and had not been active in show business since 1999. She was in age of 62. Although it is a sad moment for Japan, the people continue to stay positive in their thoughts and only wish the well being of the missing and best for the families of the deceased. I do as will. I wish you Ms. Sakai and your son a safe return back home.
R.I.P. Reiko Ohara