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Friday, July 30, 2010

*The Birth of Kaiju Cam*

Hey kiddies, i've been putting some tracks together and i'm thinking of dropping that idea and get more....vocal. I might talk to a friend of mine to compile some beats together so i can MC over them. Yah, Ikki maybe getting into the nerdy hip-hop game. I'll be under the alias, Kaiju Cam.....i may even wear a monster costume while on stage....(hmm....maybe tentacles...) Ohh....sorry, anyways..So yah, me + rappin' + nerdiness = hopefully win somewhere down the line. Just wish me lick!! (Did i just say "lick"?!?!?....either an innocent typo or i still have tentacles on the brain) ^_^

*Otaku + Hip-Hop renditions = Epic Win.....(or fail, depending on douchebags)*

3/4 of the Wasabi Boiz (Me, Drig, and Shadow) worked on an otaku remix of Rick Ross' "Hustlin'".....well, we took out the patron, big money spending, various women of different races, drug innuendos, and ballin' ass cars..and left the only thing spinnin' (and it ain't rims, shawty!!). Yes, we went there and made our version: Beybladin'....Vocals are done by me and Driger (Chibi-tized). We hope you enjoy when its released on our podcast site.....Oh, and for Driger...Butt Beastin' Business!!! ^_^

Thursday, July 8, 2010

*OMG!!!! They're everywhere!!!!!* brain!!....uhhh.....uhhhh.....too....tooo.......tooooo much *desu*..

*Back to "Nyuuu" beginings......*

I'm moving in a different direction in my life. More postive and fulfilling. Although all major setbacks i've had, i can still say that it was worth it. Rejection, failure, it's all better than not doing a damn at all. ^_^ Be proud to suck complete ass as times, because if you didnt try your damndest at whatever you're trying to achieve, noone else would....that's all the honor you could ask for.

*ATTACK OF THE "DESU"!!!!!!!!*

Dare i say it, it needs more *desu*!!....^_^ And more "desu" you shall get. Me and Ren have been seriously brainstorming about our cafe ideas.....yes, cafe. The Defective Duo, The Blunder Twins, The....shit....i can't think of another super-zero groping...i mean, grouping name. Ahh....i got one for the four of us, The Super-Fiends!!! *cue tokusatsu theme song*......Anyways, back to business...Me and Ren are going to own and run a cosplay cafe/bar/grill here in Atlanta or somewhere we (Wasabi Boiz) end up settling down at. *Desu!!* Ren and I are going to culinary clases to learn (professionally) how to prepare food for people. Plus, Ren is already a certified bartender and i'm a DJ...yay!! I must say, this (compared to my avionics job) is whooole lot more fun and beneficial to me. So, the cafe is something i'm stucking towards from now on.