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Friday, July 30, 2010

*Otaku + Hip-Hop renditions = Epic Win.....(or fail, depending on douchebags)*

3/4 of the Wasabi Boiz (Me, Drig, and Shadow) worked on an otaku remix of Rick Ross' "Hustlin'".....well, we took out the patron, big money spending, various women of different races, drug innuendos, and ballin' ass cars..and left the only thing spinnin' (and it ain't rims, shawty!!). Yes, we went there and made our version: Beybladin'....Vocals are done by me and Driger (Chibi-tized). We hope you enjoy when its released on our podcast site.....Oh, and for Driger...Butt Beastin' Business!!! ^_^

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