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Monday, February 20, 2012

*Attack of the Desu!!!!*

I felt the need to start a "Nyuu" segment on here called: "Attack of the Desu!!". Where myself and others (meaning you) can discuss and post various crazy, cute, ridiculous and hilarious things on anime, manga, or art. Be it moe to shoujo, throw them on here!!! Sweet to Sadistic, i don't care...let's just have fun!! (But, i will stress this: If it's perverted or guro 18+ depictions of art...not on here, save that for 4chan..I have ZERO TOLERANCE for CP!!!!!!!! NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!! So, what that said, keep it classy!!!

My first entry:

Triple Baka!!

*Back from the dead!!!!!*

....Sort of -_-*

Hey kiddies, it's me again and here to fill you in on the year-long gap.

I moved from my mom's house, got several jobs, getting ready to find another place of my own. The end.

Anyways, enjoy the rest of the new year!!