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Monday, March 30, 2009

TastyBeatz Battle Royale!!!

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This is the first installment of TastyBeatz Battle Royale. It's were readers can discuss, argue, or complete crush someone's heart about two "opposing" J-music artist. First up is the right corner is Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Challenger in the left corner is UVERworld. Make this a clean fight....Let's get ready to Banzai!!!

Group: Asian Kung Fu Generation
Song: Enoshima Esker
Album: Surf Bungaku Kamakura
Release Date: November 5, 2008


Group: UVERworld
Song: Roots
Album: Proglution
Release Date: Janurary 16, 2008

This is just the first entry of TBBR, but it will mainly be posted in our forum. (Click on TastyBeatz)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chun Ruk Muay Thai!!!!

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I recently talked witn my wife, and she agreed that i can get back into Muay Thai kickboxing...semi-professional or professional. I will start training immediately to build my body back up again.
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Chaiya-bound knuckles

Techniques of Muay Boran

From Samurai Champloo to Senshi Sukiyaki....

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I was going to cosplay as Mugen for AWA of last year, but i cut all my hair off. Yah, it sucks, i know.

Oh Shit!!!!! VAMPS+USA Tour = OMGWTFAFK!!!!!!

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Well my lovely bishies, VAMPS in making there 2009 tour through the United States of Otaku no Gaijin. The actual dates are not released yet, but trust me..It's worth the wait.

I'm a Guro, Guro, Guro Maniac!!!!!!

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Inside this cool, calm exterior lay a pretty sick fuck if you ask me. lol!! I'm a huge fan of Japanese horror/splatter films such as: Ichi the Killer, the Guinea Pig series, Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, Battle Royale, Onechanbara, and etc. Ren is a strict playa hata to Guro films, so i get to enjoy them all to myself. Hah!!

Sorry Ren!!!!!!

Ren and Ikki + alcohol + trance =
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This was about three years ago at a friend's New Years party. Good times.

Pocchari+Kyonyu+Kokujin = Me

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Look, real men ,like myself, love beautifully thick women. I mean really, would you feel good being with a pocky-sized airhead or with a voluptous, delicious, curves in the right places, intelligent, cultured woman (like mine of course. Love you, baby!!). I mean, do you want to start a house fire from the bedroom??!! All the friction and nothing but flames shoot from the rooftops. Why??!! Why??!!

Early birthday love for my hime........

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I love you soooo much honey. Happy early birthday and you best be ready for our date on Tuesday. Aishiteruyo my hime!!!! ~ From your Fuzzy Wuzzy

(Hey Ren, is there such a thing as tits of holding??? LOL!!)

Viva La Japon!!!!

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After being formed in March of 2007, the J-rock group Versailles will release their major-label debut single, ASCENDEAD MASTER on June 24 of this year. Back in 2008, they toured Europe and gave awesome shows in five countries. Then, during their concert on March 26 of this year, they announced that they will be going to major this summer. The single, ASCENDEAD MASTER , features 6 minutes A-side track. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring a music video spanning over 15 minutes. This epic (like level 80 epic!!) music video is to going to come in three installments on the bonus DVD included with the limited editions Type A, Type B, and Type C, each of them including one installment of the movie. Napoleon, Jean Reno, and Alize be proud. ^_^

2nd time around.....

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And Arashiro Beni came out with another great single, this one following her first single under Nayutawave Records. Under the stage name, BENI, she'll be releasing her new single, Kiss Kiss Kiss, on April 8 of this year. It's described as a love song for the springtime that portrays the nervous feeling of a girl's new romance. This song will be used as the CM for the upcoming Biore commercial in Japan. Ahhhh.......young, beautiful talent used to make the big wigs of the corporate industry wallets even fatter. Hey, who needs a bailout when you can exploit!!!! ^_^

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Special: GhettObento!!!

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As always, i was hungry, so i decided to throw spicy garlic house fried rice, general tsao chicken from last night, some chicken wings, and italian sausage together to create a bad day at work for me...arrggghhhh.....The Itis plus the B'gizzles Ohh!!! Itadakimasu!!!!

Coming at you harder than a sex-depraved big breasted amejo glomping a gaijin....

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Is the Wasabi Boiz!! The Wasabi Boiz consist of yours truely, Ren (even if he likes it or not), that n**ga Driger, and the enigmatic geriatric Shadow X. We basically take everything you know and love about Japan and dip it in acid to dissolve the cavity-creating candy coated shell to reveil the pure audacity and straight WTF-ness of it. If you don't like foul language, sexual references, or us corrupting your deluded, naive, 4kids, horrible english-dubbed, my power level is over 9000!!, Believe It!!, i only eat pocky and ramen as an three-course meal, i fap to /s/ on 4chan, i have a terabyte of asian porn and hentai, i only sleep with Mai Shiranui and Kasmui body pillows, i cosplay characters never meant to be cosplayed to in broad daylight or in the eyes of humanity,just because i wear a handband i'm a ninja (Shut up!! It's different. I wore the WHOLE costume at Momo, so i was a ninja.), otaku-ism don't listen to our show. ^_^ But, i know you will anyways.
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Damnmit Ren!!! Not again. *Note to self: Never take Ren out to Roppongi*

What in the Saturday Morning Special is this???!!!!!!

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Well kiddies, we all seen the Watchmen. Awesome as shit, right?? Right?? Well, granted it was a superhero movie, it wasn't for your younger siblings ocular orbs to view. I mean, you already corrupt them enough, right?? Right?? Well, for those who haven't seen the watchmen and you denounce the gratuitous violence and of weak constitution (Should of rolled for higher..OOOH!!! D&D joke...SHUT UP!!) Anyways, here's the Watchmen as you probably never want to see them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take a couple of eggs...and beat the F*^_^*K out of it!!!!

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Well, kiddies, out of my purely boredom based reasons i deicided to show you guys AWESOME MAN!!!! by EgoRaptor. Funny as shit on a bagel!! ^_^

I'm looking for some good barbeque....

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And the best place to go is Korea. Besides kimchee and nuclear holocaust, Korea has provided us with really awesome K-pop artist. This one is a oldie but goody......Super Junior. I went to the weeaboobies site ( and czech'd out there podcasts. They're lack of a better word, FUCKING AWESOME!!! Anyways, this is Super Junior's new video to their hit, Sorry, Sorry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If i had a anime opening theme in RL......

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I would have Ayumi Hamasaki's Rule as my FOREVER opening theme. It's totally shounen!!!! I mean like, Tenjho Tenge+Ikki Tousen sucker-punch face-raped with the avenging burning fist of the gods taught to me by the old perverted lecherous master who get killed by my arch-nemisis( if i had one) who is also his old student constant fighting with deranged, gender-confused, overly compensated featured, various characters of high school graded fighters through a end-of-all tournanent that eventually make me the ultimate fighting god, type opening. It's awesome. ^_^ Mmmmm.....Gakuen Makai.....Wait.....I can't use it. It's the new Disgaea title for the cell phone....Gakuen Makai Disgaea. I love Disgaea. It's soooooooooooooo hilarious. Watch it or die from my burning fist of rapage!!!!!! ^_^

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*Looks at Ren* So what if i drank the last of the coffee. What chu goin' do??!! *Sees tonfas* What the.....where the hell did you get those from?? It's good to the last drop....of your own blood. ^_^

Two Words.......BoA and NeW!!!!

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It's been four long years since the release of the Best Of Soul album. But BoA already released her new second Best album, Best & USA on March 18. The album has her singles, DO THE MOTION to the upcoming Eien, a new version of Meri Kuri, a new recording of VALENTI, and a new untitled track that features Crystal Kay and Verbal from m-flo. I'll wait until you stop drooling and grab another Ramune to parch your dry throats. Now, since your thirst has been quenched, the japanese released album includes the US debut album!!!! *calls on intercom* We need more Pocky, stat. Anyways, its comes together in the various formats: Best+USA+2DVD, Best+USA, and Best-only. *walks into room* Why is there slumbering otaku in my office??? *Minion #1* Sir, they OD'd on Pocky and Ramune and fell into a sugar crash-induced narcoleptic state. *looks around* Where's the interns??? *Minion #2* They're buried under the Salior Bubba, sir. *Looks at minions* Send letters to their families. They will be missed. R.I.P. - Interns in red Star Trek sweaters. Much love to Intern #6...That bastard still owes me $20. I'll see you in Hell!!!! ^_^ lol!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Filler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, i've been ungodly busy at my other job to post recent news for that past couple of days, but fear not my inquirers of the "now". I will surprise you with more crazy $#!7 this upcoming week....Preferably, Monday. ^_^ ~ Your friendly neighbor pervert, Ikarus
(I'm not all that perverted. I get it from Ren. Definitely, Ren.) Hentai desu na?

That pic up above....yah, it's Dell customer service at it's finest!!!! I bet the shocking monkey( A monkey wielding a stun-prod used to "motivate" the customer service represtative to work instead of taking the occasionally "nap break".) is hiding behind the cubby wall. lol!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beat Junkies R' Us!!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Me and my fellow DJ's have been remininsing about our favorite record stores. Digging through endless stacks of original and re-printed vinyls in a dusty, moldy, rat-infested basement with only those three light bulbs illuminating the way and the smell of mircowavable burritos emintaing in the room. Ahhh......memories. Well, our days of splunking has died with the rise of internet downloads and even the archaic medium of CDs. With this, record store across the US has closed up shop due to lost of business, lease payment defeciencies, and the manager's DJ friend getting caught with the owner's daughter in the dusty, dark basement. Ahhh.......memories. Anywho, in our favoritest of places, Japan, they deicided to keep hope alive and the vinyl collections and sales are unbelieveble!!! It's DJ's mecca!!! With that said, i would like to show you the five best record store in all of Nippon.

(1): Be-In Records: Be-In's owner, 52-year-old Chinone Yoshiaki is a trule lover of classic vinyl. It is stationed among rehearsal studios and cellphone shops on a grungy Koenji shotengai. Yoshiaki’s store, in business since 2000, is stacked floor to ceiling with vinyl, everything from ¥1,000 Belgian-issued raw funk compilations to a ¥1.8 million, gold-and-black first pressing of The Beatles’ Please Please Me. Customers are a mixture of serious collectors—40 to 50-year-old salarymen who might spend ¥100,000-¥200,000 in a visit—and DJs seeking out rare-as-hen’s-teeth ’60s beat, soul or ska 45s.

2F, 3-57-8 Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku. Tel: 03-3316-3700. Open daily 12:30-9pm. Nearest stn: Koenji, south exit.

(2): Warsawza: Launched in 1990 but housed at its current location since 2005, Warszawa (pronounced wa-ru-sha-wa) is the jewel in the crown of Udagawacho’s hive of independent record stores, specializing in techno, house, dubstep, breakbeats and experimental rock. The store manager, Yuji Yanagisawa, says he opened the shop to give people a chance to hear underground music from overseas. While Yanagisawa has wholeheartedly embraced the internet—a whopping 40 percent of sales come through the shop’s website, which brims with impassioned recommendations from the staff—dance-music fans could and should spend hours in the shop itself, a laidback place with vinyl stacked inside retractable bins so that even during peak hours your elbows won’t be banging against a fellow shopper’s.
3F, 31-3 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5458-0700. Open daily noon-8pm. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

(3): Coconuts Disk Kichijoji: Kazuyoshi Yajima, the youthful manager of the Kichijoji branch of Coconuts Disk opened up shop in 1999-2000. His shop majors in all things Japanese, particularly Group Sounds, kayoukyoku (Japanese ballads) and ’80s New Wave/punk, most of it on vinyl.
2-22-4 Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-shi. Tel: 0422-23-1182. Open noon-9pm. Nearest stn: Kichijoji (Koen exit).

(4): Dub Store: In the shadow of Nishi-Shinjuku’s skyscrapers and around the corner from Tokyo’s “Vinyl Valley” behind Seibu-Shinjuku station lies Dub Store, in operation since 1997. This shop features Jamaican music from way back to the present day, from early rockers and calypso through to ska, skinhead, lover’s rock, and latter-day dancehall and ragga, as well as a small selection of 45s devoted to contemporary Japanese reggae artists. Lately, Dub Store has added boutique London-based reissue labels such as Soul Jazz and Honest Jon’s to their stock. Dub Store also does a mean line in vinyl paraphernalia, from classy record bags to those easy-to-lose adapters that fit in the middle of 45s. Dub Store’s gold metal diamond-encrusted adapter (¥12,800) is for the record buyer who likes a bit of bling with their Prince Buster.
7-13-5 Nishi-Shinjuku. Tel: 03-5389-1423. Open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm. Nearest stn: Shinjuku, west exit.

(5): Escalator Records: A record shop, label and cafe situated in a quiet residential street, Escalator provides welcome respite in the otherwise manic Harajuku. Owner and DJ Masashi Naka (Haruka’s husband) used to be a buyer for the dearly departed Zest, a record store that helped launch the Shibuya-kei scene that briefly put Japanese pop on the global map in the mid-’90s. Escalator’s own imprint—as well as the (mainly British) indie and electro imports that you can pick up in the record shop—is more frenetic.
3F, 2-31-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5775-1315. Open Mon-Sat noon-8pm, Sun & hols 1-7pm. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

And there you have it, five awesome places to get your dig on!!! Happy hunting!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oooops...Pow!!!!! Surprise!!!!!!

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Yes, Driger, i went there. Oh, for good reason though. Because model-actress, Kuroki Meisa( who appreared in movies like Chakushin-Ari Final and Final and starred in the drama, 1 Pound no Fukuin.) just face-raped the music industry with a debut album called Hellcat. The album will be released April 8 of this year. It will feature eight tracks included Like This, which is the CM song to her Toshiba Sportio commercial and Bad Girl, which will be the insert song for the upcoming movie CrowsZERO II, starring herself along with Oguri Shun and Yamada Takayuki. The path to many a J-pop legend....Model-Actress-Singer. Only few transcended to the epic levels of whores and addicts. Aim high. (Disclaimer: I'm not calling all j-pop songstesses whore and addicts. I'm merely stated that the path to fame has its costs. Look at the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons of America. Look, just because it happens here doesnt mean it can't in Japan, you silly silly naive fangirls X fanboys.)

The 2012 Toyota Catbus...The End Is Nigh!!!! Not really.

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Yes children, only in times like these will car manufacterers and animators shake hand in conpliance to build to new world (and budget) for the automobile industry. In Tokyo, Hayao Miyazaki, the led director of Studio Ghibli, will open an atelier at Toyota Motor Corp’s headquarters in next month. Miyazaki says he hopes the atmosphere at the top Japanese automaker’s workplace will help foster creativity among new Ghibli animators. Some 30 people including new animators and their leaders will start to work in a room to be rented at the headquarters in the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, under a two-year project. Miyazaki, who has won many foreign awards such as the 2003 Oscar for best animated feature for ‘‘Spirited Away,’’ will regularly visit the Toyota studio, about 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Well, i know my lady will undoubtly, perpetualy, and unfathomably LOVE me forever plus the forever she already loves me with if i come home in a catbus. Throw sum' D's on it!!!!
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Sittin' Sidewayz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It's that time!!!!! Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the smell of cherry blossoms… and burning rubber. Must be time for the D1 Grand Prix drift championship. Drifting began over 30 years ago in mountain roads across Japan, as illegal racers practiced the art of swinging the rears of their cars out in a controlled powerslide to carry more speed around corners. Over time, the technique began to appear in Japanese motor racing. “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya elevated it to an art form during the ’80s, captivating car enthusiasts who practiced drifting on deserted roads at night.

In the ’90s, drifting made the move onto the racetracks, as drift-specific events began to be organized. However, it wasn’t until 2000 that Tsuchiya and Daijiro Inada, the founder of Option Magazine and the Tokyo Auto Salon, set up a dedicated nationwide championship. A year later, the D1 Grand Prix was born—and the rest, as they say, is history. Ahhhhh.....if only i own a skyline. Wait, sorry, thats Ren's dream-mobile. Fine, i'll take the Pinto.

Maid Cafe??? Bahhumbug!!! I'd rather go to Las Vegas.

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Well, you stubborn son of a bitch, you can do both!!!!! Just check out the Akiba Guild (8F 3-15-7 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku; This cafĂ© offers the usual sweets (¥700-¥800), tea and drinks (all ¥700), with all the short skirts and kawaii you’d expect. The twist is that customers can enjoy a variety of casino games—from daifugo and blackjack to Texas hold ’em—with their maid “dealers.” In addition to a base hourly fee (¥1,000- ¥1,500), players purchase chips to buy into the games and then exchange their winnings for original goods. And thats how Ren meet his wife and filed for bankruptcy all in the same week, kids. ^_^

For those who really plan on being in Japan this week....

Nightclub Postings.....Enjoy, you lucky bastards!!!

Tuesday 17
Party Hard. Reggae: DJ Racy Bullet and more. From 12am, ¥2,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3486-6861.

Style. All mix. From 9pm. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5428-5195.

The Room
Nbsa. DJs Otake, Kosuga, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3461-7167.

The Ruby Room
Open Mic Night. From 7pm, ¥1,000 w/2d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3780-3022.

Wild Life. Hip-hop: DJs Kohno, Tatsuya, etc. From 10pm, men ¥3,000, women ¥2,500. Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-6230-0343.

Wednesday 18
I Love Arch. J-pop, house: DJs Manabu, Katanishi, etc. From 10pm, ¥1,000. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3486-6861.

Session. From 9pm. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5428-5195.

Le Baron de Paris
Puppetmastaz. DJs Takagi, Gaines. Live: Puppetmastaz. From 9pm. Aoyama. Tel: 03-3408-3665.

Mfl. House: DJs Kondo, Hri, etc. From 8pm, ¥1,000. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3464-8432.

Futuredelic Night. DJs Tommy, Nori, etc. From 9pm, ¥1,500. Aoyama. Tel: 03-5778-4777.

Az Wednesday. Hip-hop: DJ Sachiho. From 11pm, men ¥2,500 w/1d, women free. Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-6230-0343.

Thursday 19
Ganban Night Special. DJs Dexpistols, 80kidz, etc. Live: Denki Groove. From 11pm ¥5,500. Shin-Kiba. Tel: 03-5534-1515.

Aria. Techno, tech house: DJs Matthias Tanzmann, Sodeyama, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,500. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5784-3386.

Rendezvous Grand Re-Opening Reception After Party. Techno, house: DJs Iriki, Rie, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3486-6861.

Dna. All mix. From 9pm. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5428-5195.

Club Asia
Dancehall Express Dancehall. Reggae: DJs Spicy Chocolate, Audio Mix, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5458-2551.

La Fabrique
Disco. House: DJs Nakatsuka, Ono, etc. Live: Ymck and more. From 11pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5428-5100.

Mado Lounge
Salsa in the Sky. DJ Chango and more. From 8pm, ¥4,000 w/1d. Roppongi. Tel: 03-3470-0052.

Maneater. From 9pm, men ¥5,000 w/3d, women free. Nishi-Azabu. Tel: 03-5467-1188.

The Room
Ryukyu Holic Special. Loose & hot music: DJs Sato, Nyoro, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3461-7167.

Oliver Ho in Tokyo. DJs Oliver Ho, Kihira, etc. From 11:30pm, ¥3,500. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5459-8630.

8. DJs Iwamura, Tsuda, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500. Aoyama. Tel: 03-5778-4777.

Circle. House, electro: DJs Uemura, 4th, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,500 w/1d. Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-6230-0343.

Endless Flight. Techno: DJs Koze, Kawasaki, etc. From 11pm, ¥4,000. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-3939.

Friday 20
Area 50. Electro, rock: DJs Hisakata, Oikawa, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3486-6861.

Tokyo Shake. Trance. From 9pm. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5428-5195.

Bar Hijoguchi
Amuseum. Music of Ayumi Hamasaki: DJs Huck, Maru, etc. From 9pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Shinjuku. 03-3341-5445.

Club Asia
13th Anniversary. Dubstep, techno: DJs Washikita, Arai, etc. Live: Shingo2 and more. From 11pm, ¥3,500 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5458-2551.

Club Why Not?
Jewelz. Hip-hop, R&B, reggae. From 10pm, men ¥3,500, women ¥2,500, all you can drink. Yokohama. Tel: 045-663-2955.

Mado Lounge
Girls Night Out. DJs Hiroki-Kura, E-Kawa, etc. Live: Mary, Micca. From 10pm, ¥3,500. Roppongi. Tel: 03-3470-0052.

Matrix Friday. Old school hip-hop, west side, south side, all mix: DJ Ykk and more. From 6pm, ¥1,000 (after 11:30pm). Roppongi. Tel: 03-3405-1066.

Stem. Techno: DJs Tomono, Yoshitaka, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3464-8432.

Pure Shibuya
Smash. Hip-hop, R&B, reggae: DJs Kazunari, Shiraishi, etc. From 11pm, men ¥3,500, women ¥2,500, all you can drink. Shibuya.

The Room
Goodnight x Fantasia. Dance music: DJs Kiccio, Ryuu, etc. From 11pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Shibuya. Tel: 03-3461-7167.

Tokyo Loose
All mix: DJs Kato, Mayu, etc. From 8pm, men ¥1,000 w/1d, women ¥1,000 w/2d. Shinjuku. Tel: 03-3207-5677.

Weekend Warriorz. DJs 2000 and One, Tsutsui, etc. From 11:30pm, ¥4,000 w/1d. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5459-8630.

Discotheque. From 9pm, men ¥2,500, women ¥2,000 w/1d. Aoyama. Tel: 03-5778-4777.

Organza meets Ostgut-Ton. Techno: DJs Ben Klock, Pi-Ge, etc. Live: Shed. From 11pm, ¥4,000. Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-3939.

Mark Knight Japan Tour. House: DJs Mark Knight, Emma, etc . Mar 21, ¥3,500. Shin-Kiba. Tel: 03-5534-1515.

Mado Lounge
Let My People Go. DJs Maurice Fulton, Moodman, etc. Mar 21, from 10pm, ¥3,500. 03-3470-0052. Roppongi. Tel: 03-3470-0052.

Bukem in Session. Drum’n’bass: DJs LTJ Bukem, T-Ak, etc. Mar 21, from 11:30pm, ¥4,000. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5459-8630.

Reboot 11th Anniversary. Techno, electro, minimal: DJs Q’Hey, Mayuri, Cristian Varela, etc. Mar 28, from 10pm, with flyer ¥3,000, without flyer ¥3,500. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5784-3386.

Real Grooves, Vol 34: Wighnomy Brothers. Techno: DJs Wighnomy Brothers, Ozmo, etc. Mar 28, from 11:30pm, with flyer ¥3,500, no flyer ¥4,000. Daikanyama. Tel: 03-5459-8630.

Juice 10th Anniversary. Rock: DJs Tashirock, Hayashi, etc. Live: Flower Companies and more. Mar 31, from 6:30pm, ¥2,800. Ebisu. Tel: 03-5464-0800.

Exposure. Hip-hop, techno: DJs Aroop Roy, Kez Ym, Richio Suzuki, etc. Apr 3, from 9pm. Shibuya.

Don't fret about going now......

Because, Tokyo has a unique look that makes it different from any other city in the world. The city turns into an epicenter for paper lanterns and large neon lights. Japanese men and women like to have a nice night out after a hard day of work. Tokyo turns into one of the wildest cities in all of the world, as there are constantly people everywhere and nobody seems to sleep. Districts known for their entertainment are ridiculously crowded, no matter at what time of day or night it is. Many shops and clubs stay open until 5 AM, when the subways first start running the next day. Tokyo has everything, no matter what you are searching for. Jazz shows, reggae shows, rock shows, dance clubs, gay bars, sex shows and anything else you can think of.

Though Tokyo's nightlife is wild and crazy, there is no place one can consider "the place to be" over other spots. Hotspots of the night are all over the city, varying in their price range, workers and most importantly, their atmosphere. Famous spots include Roppongi and Ginza, Kabuki-cho found in Shinjuku. A good way to start the night off is to just walk around the town, taking a look at the neighborhoods and just taking it all in. The atmosphere is unlike any other city. The streets will be overflowing with people and the neon lights will blind your eyes, but there are plenty of surprises to keep an eye out for.

There are plenty of bars, clubs and discos filled with male and female Japanese teenagers. However, for the older Japanese, the nightlife mainly attracts men. On the expensive end of the nightlife for older males are geisha bars, where talented women entertain crowds by singing, playing traditional Japanese musical instruments and just talking to the visitors. These kinds of places are found mainly in Kyoto and are usually closed to foreigners. They also are ridiculously expensive. The only way a foreigner might find a way in is by being invited by someone that should be there.

There are also many hostess bars. A woman will essentially boost your ego, as she sits with you, talks, listens to your problems and gives you drinks. This can be costly however as you will be the one buying her drinks. Hostess bars have been around in Japan for centuries, but a foreigner might not find it worthwhile, as the hostess usually can only speak Japanese. It is a way to get away from the troubles of work and family though, so they are quite popular.

The most popular place to see Japanese nightlife however is in the drinking bars, where most people go for a fun evening out. Many bars even have themes, such as Western-style and Japanese-style watering holes. Dance clubs as well as places to see live music are also very popular with young Tokyo teens. There are also relatively cheap restaurants that are quite good to eat out spread across throughout the city.

Gaijin Beware!!!!!

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Well, this puts a lil' damper on my plans back to Japan. Yesterday, the U.S. Embassy in Japan issued an alert to the American community that Americans in Tokyo to stop going the the bars in Roppongi based on the frequent increase of reported drink-spiking incidents.The number of reports of U.S. citizens being drugged in bars has increased significantly in recent weeks. Typically, the victim unknowingly drinks a beverage that has been secretly mixed with a drug that renders the victim unconscious for several hours, during which time large sums of money are charged to the victim’s credit card or the card is stolen outright. Victims sometimes regain consciousness in the bar or club, while at other times the victim awakens on the street. That sucks. That really sucks. According to the embassy, establishments in the area of Roppongi Intersection (Roppongi Dori and Gaienhigashi-dori) have had the highest level of reported incidents. Well, guys, i guess we'll be doing our heavy drinking in Shibuya instead.

Hold up......Another fangasm!!!

PhotobucketAyumi Hamasaki is releasing her new album, Next Level, the same day of Gackt's March 25 release date. The album release in various formats, the standard physical CD formats (2CD+DVD, CD+DVD and CD-Only) and in the first time EVER in Japan, it will be release in USB format. The 2CD+DVD editions will include a live CD recording of Ayumi's PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE 2008-2009 A performance, while the DVD on both DVD versions will feature six promotional videos plus making-ofs. First press editions of each format will come in special coloured CD cases. Let the goblet of ravaging, ruthless fans overflow unto itself in a river of Ramune and innocent bystander's blood. Sorry people, you shouldn't have been in the way.

Prepare for a massive fangirl X fanboy riot....

Well kiddies, Gackt's new single, Journey Through The Decade, will be out March 25 of this year. Being his first single of 2009, the song also will be the theme song for the brand new Kamen Rider Decade series. Yes, again with the Kamen Rider.
Kamen Rider Decade Intro

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only in Japan..........

Can you find a television series like Kamen Rider Vs. Ultraman. Well, for the sake of WTF and i dont care, here it is.....
Henshin!!! *transformation sequence* Yatta!!! *Sees a 40 yr. old man dressed up as a salior scout and runs towards him* Photobucket
Rider kick!!!! You just got kicked in yo' chest!!!!!! ^_^

What do you get when you cross a hot vampire and a lost relative of Daft Punk???.....Aural Vampire

Photobucket Yes, Aural Vampire. Hey, hey, hey...Not "Oral Vampire" you pervs!! They are a Japanese electronic band which consists of Exo-Chika (vocals/lyrics) and Raveman (music). They are from Tokyo, Japan and compose mainly electropop, darkwave, and synthpop music with occasional industrial elements. Aural Vampire has toured Europe numerous times and been featured in magazines such as Astan Magazine and The Dose. They are currently under an indie record label. Aural Vampire released their full-length debut album, Vampire Ecstasy, in 2004. Since then they have only released one online single, which is available on their website, and a few tracks and remixes on compilations, but they remained active as a live band. Their song "-cannibal coast-" was featured on Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers. Aural Vampire - Freeeze!!

Got' Bombed For Bombin'!!!!!!!!!

Photobucket Sharing my roots for art, Graffiti is a style that takes sheer skill and a good budget for high-quality spray paint to show people your views of our world through vandalism. Hey, hate that term as well. It's more an expression of my inner chaos and colorful soul all across the side of your pool. ^_^ In New York, Yoshitomo Nara, a contemporary Japanese pop artist known for sculptures and paintings of doe-eyed figures, was arrested in late February for tagging graffiti in the Union Square subway station. Nara was arrested at 3:10 a.m. on Feb 27 and charged with criminal mischief, possession of graffiti instruments, making graffiti and resisting arrest. True bomber fa real!!! Nara, 49, who lives and works in Tochigi Prefecture, was in New York for a solo exhibition of his work at the Marianne Boesky Gallery that runs Feb 28 through March 28. The online edition of Art in America magazine said Nara was caught tagging a graffiti portrait of two Japanese friends in the subway station and he was optimistic about his two days in lockup. He was quoted saying its was a nice experience in his life. Nara emerged on the art scene during Japan’s pop art movement in the 1990s and has held solo exhibitions worldwide. His works are on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Mr. Nara, i salute you.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its old news, but........

It's new news for all DJ's out there. Student of Dundee University in Scotland, Scott Hobbs created the Attigo:TT( a full touch-screen turntable set that allows DJs to loop, sample and scratch wave forms just as you would a record. The size of the touchtable is about the same as a standard turntable, making the physical interaction nearly the same. Where this takes off is in the flexibility and features included right at your fingertips, no longer locked up on a computer screen. Carpal Tunnel, beware!!! The Attigo is a prototype, for now, but Hobbs is looking for companies to partner with. I hope he lays it down with either Technics or Numark. Cross your fingers for me. ^_^ This is the user interface A comparison between the Attigo and real vinyl....Its hella kickin!!!

I #@73 Mondays!!!

But this Monday, of all Mondays, is not that bad. I got up, got dressed for work, talked to my lovely freshly otaku-fied fiancee (Yah, i turned her out to the dorkside.), brushed my teeth and now eating a wholesome meal of cold lemon-pepper wings out the frigde. Now all i need is some grape kool-aid, menthol cigarettes, a slice of watermelon, and big bowl of crunchberrys. DAMN!!! Thats racist!!!! lol

For good info on the sights and sounds of Japan......

Go to this site, This site gives you noob-minded narutards out there some REAL advice on traveling Japan. And putting aside the cultist of the Church of Believe It!!! and Latter-Day Ninjas, this site gives folks like us really good spots to explore and take in the full exprence that is Japan. Well, enough plugging for tonight. Wait, that did not sound right.....aaaaawkard!! Anyways, i'm going to bed. It's three in the froggin' morning and i'm hella irritable. And yes, i said Froggin'!!! .....Frog....Naruto.....Hehehehe.....NO!! G'Night peeps!!!!

I guess dreams really do come true.......

Photobucket Dream on, my beautiful dreamers, dream on. Your dream job awaits.........its even more awesome because you get paid more than your friend's mom would even if she pulled a double!! Yes, my lovelys, if you have dreams of being the world's greatest nightclub hostess in all of Shibuya, then by all means, host away!!! There has been a recent study in Japan (Yes...the whole friggin' country) that of women between the ages of 15 to 22, 22.3% wanted to become hostesses. On a news report on Asahi TV, its showed that the occupation of being a hostess overranked that of being a fellow paper pusher within the nation's great government as a dream job. Who'da thunk it??!! Well, it's not surprising. Very sucessful hostesses can make alot of money. In the same report, cited statistics showing that the average hourly pay of a hostess is 4000 yen, more than doubled the 1200 yen hourly average paid to female officer workers. If one is lucky enough to become a popular hostess, daily pay can rise to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I mean....DAMN!!! I'd love to do that...but am a man.....and a gaijin at that. Damn you, penis!!! XD

It's a bird..It's a plane...It's......

......A half-naked boy in a red speedo??? You fools!! It's Astro Boy ( or Testuwan Atom for my Nihon-jin out there). You know the humongorous japanese electronic music record label, Avex, right?? Well, they are releasing a brand new complilation piece for their 20th anniversary dubbed, Ravex. This entire album is a supergroup comprised of the Eurobeat trio, GIRL NEXT DOOR, DJs/Producers Taku Takahashi of m-flo, Shinichi Osawa of MONDO GROSSO, and Tomoyuki Tanaka of Fantasic Plastic Machine. Also included in this champloo of J-pop greats is also DJ OZMA, BoA, MONKEY MAJIK, TRF, Tohoshinki, Goto Maki, and ex-m-flo vocalist, Lisa. The album itself will be release in a CD+DVD and CD-only formats. The DVD includes a special anime titled Ratom, as a tribute to the popular manga Astro Boy by the late manga artist Tezuka Osamu, whose production team lent their talents into designing unique characters for each of the producers as celebration for Tezuka's 80th birthday in 2008. Happy 20's Avex!! You're not old enough to drink, but're still old enough!! For what, i care not to know. ^_^

Two Days Late But....

..I'm officially announcing the release date of Utada Hikari's new album, This Is The One, which was Saturday, March 14, 2009. Ahhhh....same day the Atlanta Momo-Con started. Coincedence??? I think not. Anyways, the new album will be under her English release name, which is simply Utada, and will be her debut from five years back since her last English-speaking album, Exodus. It is scheduled to hit anime stores and cons, and if we are lucky....*dreads* Wal-Mart (Just kidding XD) on March 24 of this year. .....Oh, yah, and if you want to peep it out online before-hand, here's the titles of the tracks on the new album.

01 On And On
02 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
03 Apple And Cinnamon
04 Taking My Money Back
05 This One (Crying Like A Child)
06 Automatic Part II
07 Dirty Desire
08 Poppin'
09 Come Back To Me
10 Me Muero

Japan-Only Bonus Tracks
11 Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio
12 Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)

Very First Post.....

....Of the year and many more to come. Hi, I'm Ikarus, head of the Music R&D Department of Itadakimasu Studios or I-Studios for short. Anyways, i deicided to breakaway from the shadows and shed some audiophilic light on the music and artists in the land of the rising sun...yes, i mean Japan. Good ole' Japan!! *sniffs air* AHHHH!!! Smells like pocky and stewing beef. Delicious. I'm here to bring you kiddies the old and new of J-pop, J-rock, trance, and even the hip-hop scene. But that's not where i stop. You'll also hear....(And hear, i mean read lol ^_^) about the amazing nightlife and hotspots housing Japan's hottest DJ's and other various artist. So without further adieu, i present to you my new blog!! I hope you enjoy every note. - Ikarus aka DJ Abstrakt