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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If i had a anime opening theme in RL......

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I would have Ayumi Hamasaki's Rule as my FOREVER opening theme. It's totally shounen!!!! I mean like, Tenjho Tenge+Ikki Tousen sucker-punch face-raped with the avenging burning fist of the gods taught to me by the old perverted lecherous master who get killed by my arch-nemisis( if i had one) who is also his old student constant fighting with deranged, gender-confused, overly compensated featured, various characters of high school graded fighters through a end-of-all tournanent that eventually make me the ultimate fighting god, type opening. It's awesome. ^_^ Mmmmm.....Gakuen Makai.....Wait.....I can't use it. It's the new Disgaea title for the cell phone....Gakuen Makai Disgaea. I love Disgaea. It's soooooooooooooo hilarious. Watch it or die from my burning fist of rapage!!!!!! ^_^

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*Looks at Ren* So what if i drank the last of the coffee. What chu goin' do??!! *Sees tonfas* What the.....where the hell did you get those from?? It's good to the last drop....of your own blood. ^_^

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  1. If Bob Makihara had Souichiro's personality and Souichiro had Masataka's personality, then would seriously show how me and Ren are in RL. That's'll feel sooo sooo sad right now.