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Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a bird..It's a plane...It's......

......A half-naked boy in a red speedo??? You fools!! It's Astro Boy ( or Testuwan Atom for my Nihon-jin out there). You know the humongorous japanese electronic music record label, Avex, right?? Well, they are releasing a brand new complilation piece for their 20th anniversary dubbed, Ravex. This entire album is a supergroup comprised of the Eurobeat trio, GIRL NEXT DOOR, DJs/Producers Taku Takahashi of m-flo, Shinichi Osawa of MONDO GROSSO, and Tomoyuki Tanaka of Fantasic Plastic Machine. Also included in this champloo of J-pop greats is also DJ OZMA, BoA, MONKEY MAJIK, TRF, Tohoshinki, Goto Maki, and ex-m-flo vocalist, Lisa. The album itself will be release in a CD+DVD and CD-only formats. The DVD includes a special anime titled Ratom, as a tribute to the popular manga Astro Boy by the late manga artist Tezuka Osamu, whose production team lent their talents into designing unique characters for each of the producers as celebration for Tezuka's 80th birthday in 2008. Happy 20's Avex!! You're not old enough to drink, but're still old enough!! For what, i care not to know. ^_^

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