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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Words.......BoA and NeW!!!!

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It's been four long years since the release of the Best Of Soul album. But BoA already released her new second Best album, Best & USA on March 18. The album has her singles, DO THE MOTION to the upcoming Eien, a new version of Meri Kuri, a new recording of VALENTI, and a new untitled track that features Crystal Kay and Verbal from m-flo. I'll wait until you stop drooling and grab another Ramune to parch your dry throats. Now, since your thirst has been quenched, the japanese released album includes the US debut album!!!! *calls on intercom* We need more Pocky, stat. Anyways, its comes together in the various formats: Best+USA+2DVD, Best+USA, and Best-only. *walks into room* Why is there slumbering otaku in my office??? *Minion #1* Sir, they OD'd on Pocky and Ramune and fell into a sugar crash-induced narcoleptic state. *looks around* Where's the interns??? *Minion #2* They're buried under the Salior Bubba, sir. *Looks at minions* Send letters to their families. They will be missed. R.I.P. - Interns in red Star Trek sweaters. Much love to Intern #6...That bastard still owes me $20. I'll see you in Hell!!!! ^_^ lol!!!!!

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