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Saturday, May 12, 2012

*Bit Bomb of the day....*

Two of favorite chiptune artists, Zabutom and Dubmood, throw out hot fudgin' tracks everytime. Here's a little taste for that long work day ^_^

*Better late, than never!!!!*

Out of the deep, dark void of working and life's little FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!'s, I'm miraculously back. TBZ (Acronym, i guess, for TastyBeatz) has been on sleep mode for a while, but with time I'll whip this little jalopy into an ass-kicking tuner!! Many plans to expand this blog into more than just a blog......working on the eventuality of an internet show for crazy nerd media and gamer recipes for food and alcohol. Also plans for taking TBZ directly into the anime con scene, inside and LIVE!!! After the destabilization of the Big Four (Myself, Ren, Drig, and Shadow), many casualties were counted out, included the divesture process (nice way of saying: FUCK THIS SHIT!!! DEUCES!!) of Itadakimasu! Studios as a whole. Though I-Studios is gone, for now, we still all have the same goal established: Bringing you knowledge and entertainment in the world of gamers, otaku, cosplayers, and overall nerdism.