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Saturday, March 5, 2011


six foot....eight foot sub!!! Hot pastrami.....want hot some salami....want some hot!! Yo!!! Hopefully next weekend or so myself, Ren, and Nara are going create the King of Beasts seven-foot sub from the darkness abyss of the deepest void of AWESOMENESS!!!!

Through the amalgamical musion (muse + fusion) from the heavens above and hell below that is EpicMealTime (, we were inspired to create a massive sandwich piled with COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF MEATS, CHEESE, ALL THESE SAWSES (emphasis on saying EMT, you'll understand) AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND JACK DANIELS.....ALOT OF JACK DANIELS!!! And build it into a tower, to keep the haters out!!!!

I had an idea to "monte cristo" it, french toasting the bread drowning it in Jack Daniel's maple syrup!!! YESH!!!!!

After we finish this behemoth of a sammich, somebody's gonna die. WHAT CHU KNOW ABOUT DYING?!?!?!?


Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Like M. Night. Shamalamadingdong: It's A Twist!!!*

I'm doing some new things with TastyBeatz (hence the break from the last post). A few projects will be in the works, for instance:
A cooking show staring myself, Ren, and our brother Nara that's full of info-tainment!! Or "Afro"-tainment for have only two n*ggs on the show!! ^_^

Impromptu fight choreography with myself, Ren, and Nara (inspired by various martial arts movies and fight choreographers).

A DJ/MC super-group that strives off the vibes of chiptune music and bad ass beats).

This various ventures are yet to gain to specific title, but for the sake of simplicity i'll called this project: "Operation: Trillmatic Force" Cause, we keeps it trill.....homie!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

*Who's awesome??......*

...You are!!!! (Click picture for your prize!!!)

Hey kiddies, it's Ikki....(wait?? who??)....yah....yah, it's me!! I'm back from a bumfuckery hiatus of drama and despair. Anyways, through all of the BS, alot of great things has happened. I got another job....yay!! I got a girl....hella yay!! And a car should be on it's way.....Ohhhh yaaaah!!!

But yah, Ikki's back again and i'll try not to leave y'all hangin' like i did before.