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Monday, August 16, 2010

*A new spin on "Tasty Beatz"*

Well, i know when i originally started this blog, i focused on music and random lil tidbits of info-tainment. Now, i'm going to focus solely on its namesake....I'll still keep the same awesome content, but i wanted start talking about my other passion......FOOD!! Either cooking it or eating it (more of that than, i'll keep up posted on crazy, strange, scary food to the most delictable culinary gems the world has to offer.

And with that said, i begin.......with bacon. Yah, i know. "Bacon???" Everybody loves bacon. Even vegans will jump out of their bunnyroos to attack a wendy's baconator if need be (like always!!). But my question to you is....How far will your love for bacon go?? Bacon-flavored mints, to chewing gum?? Of even baconnaise (bacon-flavored/infused mayonnaise....yah, i know....)

Or.....or even delve into the deep reccesses of Switzerland to own your very own bottle.....of Squeez Bacon. Yes my lovely bishies, it's real. I know, a stoner's dream come true.....some potted meat or maybe spam, a lil cheese whiz, and some squeez bacon and BLAMMO!!! Feastin' for weeks!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

*Daycon '10........Re-Wind*

Well, me and the guys took a lil' four hour drive to Clarksville, Tenneesee for the one-day event called Daycon. It was their first event.....EVER....and we christen its hollowed halls with our otaku-y bishie-ness of fandomosity!! If you live in the Clarksville/Nashville area, make it there for next year and also for this year's GMX (Geek Media Expo) on October 22-24 in Nashville. We will definitely be there!!!!!

Daycon '10:

GMX 2010:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*My XBL Gamer Tag*

Add me on's: TOK3NBL4CK6UY

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MSN Messager: Kaiju_Cam

*Well, i guess they love (ish) us more than i thought!!*

Well, as the number of social shut-ins continue to rise higher and higher, Japanese women(and men) have steadily increased their attraction to others of different cultural them foreigners(gaijin)and whatever you want.....but, they want us!! Anyways, here's the rating of the top 10 foreigners the Japanese want to date.....

1. USA – 4,194

2. Italy – 3743

3. UK – 3,467

4. France – 3,249

5. Korea – 2,706

6. Spain – 1,535

7. Russia – 1,256

8. Germany – 1,195

9. Brazil – 396

10. China – 296

America......Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

*I ain't givin' it and i ain't takin' it either!!!!!*

Read the more bitch-osity from me or from anyone else!!!!! Being a bitch is too exhausting on the mind, body, and soul. Yah, granted i'm frustrated with my life, but you know what......FUCK IT!! I miss being the crazy, random, creative me. The real ME. No more bitchassness!!! And fine, i'll say it......I'm a sexy beast with a very large penis!!! *Self-confidence points rose up .5%*....hey, it's something.