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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, me being the biggest fan of oppai and fantasy-based anime (Beresker, Bastard!!, Record of Lodoss War, Slayers, etc.) my newfound love was Queen's Blade. It was the perfect combination of lesbianism, tenacle rape, and exploding tits (Watch the first episode!!! My favorite character in the series is Cattleya. She's the busty blacksmith with the buster sword. Well while cruising around the internetz, i found an entire gallery of this Cattleya cosplayer on Sankaku Complex. OMFG!!! I fell in love instantly!! So, here's the gallery that set my pervy heart aflame.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

*What in the auto-erotica is going on????*

Well kiddies, singer and DJ Ami Suzuki,27, (Eight kinds of hottness and "yes, i'd hit it") just released a new single called "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss". During an event at the Shibuya-Ax live house this week, she was seen posted up against the new 2009 Toyota Corolla Fielder X 202 sedan (Yah, a corolla. But the Fielder, which is a Japan-only exclusive, is a five-door hatchback that looks really nice actually..unlike the americanized "Matrix" model.).

She stated that the new Corolla is the inspiration of this new hit single. Yah, i know!! I asked the same question to myself when i read this. "A....A Corolla?? Why??" Anyways, she said, and i quote, that the Corolla was the muse for the song that is about (starting Ami's quote): “The song is about going for a drive at night to enjoy the evening view, with a cool guy in a suit, and wondering what might happen.” A....A Corolla???

I know what she's thinkin'. In the back of a Corolla....ahhh.....memories. Oh..sorry, nostalgia hit But also in the event she promoted her upcoming tour called "House Nation" being at all-around Tokyo nightclubs.

*See....even the Pope is an otaku...*

...well, correction....he's not. But for the correlation between Catcholism and anime is Rome. Yes, Rome. Today, around fifty cosplayers paraded around the Spanish Square in Rome for during the Romix convention. This was part of the very first cosplay contest since the very first Romix event back in 2001. The Japanese Embassy in Italy supported the event and Misako Aoki, a government-designated otaku ambassador and organizer of the event, also got into the mix. The cosplay contest to select competitors to represent Italy in the next round of the annual World Cosplay Championship to be held in Nagoya in 2010. That's all kinds of kick ass, seriously.

Friday, October 2, 2009

*Yah.....i'm a lazy mofo!!!!*

I know i haven't updated this here blog, but am here at Ren's house with Driger and we're just concocting new and better things for you peoples out there in wild blue yonder of the interweb and in the dreaded confines of the real world. So, sit back and relax, because i'll be back to hit cha wit the good ol' news and reviews.