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Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Ikki and Ren: Defective Duo*

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Me and the Bishie mean Ren are working on some ideas for I-Studios. A lil' slacking off helped but, now is the time for work. I've completed the workings of our new mascot and spokes-meme for the company. Ren is working on his own personal projects and also our last recording of Nippon After Dark (Editing). Driger and Shadow are busy with their own projects as well, but soon we'll throw out another Wasabi Boiz podcast. Don't worry, we got you covered worse than a Pedobear in a Chuck-E-Cheese....maybe that was a bad analogy. Ok, ok...we got you covered worse than our good fiend...i mean, friend TJ inside a Miss. New-Booty pageant in Tokyo. Yah, thats better....wait no it's not. Poor sexy asian girls being torturing from the sight of his seizure-like convulsions he calls a orgasm. Somebody call a medic...he's going into epilepstic shock......oh, wait he's dead. At least he died happy. lol!! Sorry, man....i had to rag on ya!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

*"Nyuuu" Beginings!!!!*

Me and Ren recorded our first episode of the "Nippon After Dark" show. It's was not bad at all. We talked about the Roppongi district of Tokyo. We'll get a better mic next time, dont worry. Also, we're looking for hot, sexy nerdy females to model our new symbol for Itadakimasu! Studios. We'll disclose the rest of the details on our P.S.- And if you have a body like Karina Hart (, sense of humor like Olivia Munn(, and the nerdiness like Zendulo( by all means, I'M SINGLE and i look like this.....Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm sorry im in a Tatsunoko mood...........

I wish a had my own skin-tight, ability-modifying, catchy theme songed, crazy posed having, super-ultra suit to go around conventions in. Maybe i should cosplay a Tatsunoko character...or Kamen Rider. Hmmm...........

The latest Gatchaman was super awesome!!!!!!!!

Tatsunoko Fight!!!!!

Ren, you need to try this new's really good.

High in fiber and in racism.

LMMFBAO!!!! (Laugh my muthafuckin' black ass off)

It's all about teamwork......and being super sentai crimefighters!!!!

Well, the four heavenly kings of Itadakimasu Studios (Me, Driger, Shadow, and Ren) are working together to bring you new and better ways of enjoying..well, us. ^_^ We're (Me and Ren) doing a new podcast show for a start. Then we have two video game tournaments coming up........"Go For Broke '09" (a Guilty Gear XX Tournament) and "Hail to the Master Chief!!"(a Halo 3 tournament). We do what we can to give you the very best. Now.....Sentai Battle Pose!!!

Yah....i think Ryu is a little embarassed about wearing a mask. He'll get over it.