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Monday, March 16, 2009

I guess dreams really do come true.......

Photobucket Dream on, my beautiful dreamers, dream on. Your dream job awaits.........its even more awesome because you get paid more than your friend's mom would even if she pulled a double!! Yes, my lovelys, if you have dreams of being the world's greatest nightclub hostess in all of Shibuya, then by all means, host away!!! There has been a recent study in Japan (Yes...the whole friggin' country) that of women between the ages of 15 to 22, 22.3% wanted to become hostesses. On a news report on Asahi TV, its showed that the occupation of being a hostess overranked that of being a fellow paper pusher within the nation's great government as a dream job. Who'da thunk it??!! Well, it's not surprising. Very sucessful hostesses can make alot of money. In the same report, cited statistics showing that the average hourly pay of a hostess is 4000 yen, more than doubled the 1200 yen hourly average paid to female officer workers. If one is lucky enough to become a popular hostess, daily pay can rise to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I mean....DAMN!!! I'd love to do that...but am a man.....and a gaijin at that. Damn you, penis!!! XD

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