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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gaijin Beware!!!!!

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Well, this puts a lil' damper on my plans back to Japan. Yesterday, the U.S. Embassy in Japan issued an alert to the American community that Americans in Tokyo to stop going the the bars in Roppongi based on the frequent increase of reported drink-spiking incidents.The number of reports of U.S. citizens being drugged in bars has increased significantly in recent weeks. Typically, the victim unknowingly drinks a beverage that has been secretly mixed with a drug that renders the victim unconscious for several hours, during which time large sums of money are charged to the victim’s credit card or the card is stolen outright. Victims sometimes regain consciousness in the bar or club, while at other times the victim awakens on the street. That sucks. That really sucks. According to the embassy, establishments in the area of Roppongi Intersection (Roppongi Dori and Gaienhigashi-dori) have had the highest level of reported incidents. Well, guys, i guess we'll be doing our heavy drinking in Shibuya instead.

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