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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coming at you harder than a sex-depraved big breasted amejo glomping a gaijin....

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Is the Wasabi Boiz!! The Wasabi Boiz consist of yours truely, Ren (even if he likes it or not), that n**ga Driger, and the enigmatic geriatric Shadow X. We basically take everything you know and love about Japan and dip it in acid to dissolve the cavity-creating candy coated shell to reveil the pure audacity and straight WTF-ness of it. If you don't like foul language, sexual references, or us corrupting your deluded, naive, 4kids, horrible english-dubbed, my power level is over 9000!!, Believe It!!, i only eat pocky and ramen as an three-course meal, i fap to /s/ on 4chan, i have a terabyte of asian porn and hentai, i only sleep with Mai Shiranui and Kasmui body pillows, i cosplay characters never meant to be cosplayed to in broad daylight or in the eyes of humanity,just because i wear a handband i'm a ninja (Shut up!! It's different. I wore the WHOLE costume at Momo, so i was a ninja.), otaku-ism don't listen to our show. ^_^ But, i know you will anyways.
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Damnmit Ren!!! Not again. *Note to self: Never take Ren out to Roppongi*

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