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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hold up......Another fangasm!!!

PhotobucketAyumi Hamasaki is releasing her new album, Next Level, the same day of Gackt's March 25 release date. The album release in various formats, the standard physical CD formats (2CD+DVD, CD+DVD and CD-Only) and in the first time EVER in Japan, it will be release in USB format. The 2CD+DVD editions will include a live CD recording of Ayumi's PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE 2008-2009 A performance, while the DVD on both DVD versions will feature six promotional videos plus making-ofs. First press editions of each format will come in special coloured CD cases. Let the goblet of ravaging, ruthless fans overflow unto itself in a river of Ramune and innocent bystander's blood. Sorry people, you shouldn't have been in the way.

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