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Monday, March 16, 2009

Very First Post.....

....Of the year and many more to come. Hi, I'm Ikarus, head of the Music R&D Department of Itadakimasu Studios or I-Studios for short. Anyways, i deicided to breakaway from the shadows and shed some audiophilic light on the music and artists in the land of the rising sun...yes, i mean Japan. Good ole' Japan!! *sniffs air* AHHHH!!! Smells like pocky and stewing beef. Delicious. I'm here to bring you kiddies the old and new of J-pop, J-rock, trance, and even the hip-hop scene. But that's not where i stop. You'll also hear....(And hear, i mean read lol ^_^) about the amazing nightlife and hotspots housing Japan's hottest DJ's and other various artist. So without further adieu, i present to you my new blog!! I hope you enjoy every note. - Ikarus aka DJ Abstrakt

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