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Thursday, July 8, 2010

*ATTACK OF THE "DESU"!!!!!!!!*

Dare i say it, it needs more *desu*!!....^_^ And more "desu" you shall get. Me and Ren have been seriously brainstorming about our cafe ideas.....yes, cafe. The Defective Duo, The Blunder Twins, The....shit....i can't think of another super-zero groping...i mean, grouping name. Ahh....i got one for the four of us, The Super-Fiends!!! *cue tokusatsu theme song*......Anyways, back to business...Me and Ren are going to own and run a cosplay cafe/bar/grill here in Atlanta or somewhere we (Wasabi Boiz) end up settling down at. *Desu!!* Ren and I are going to culinary clases to learn (professionally) how to prepare food for people. Plus, Ren is already a certified bartender and i'm a DJ...yay!! I must say, this (compared to my avionics job) is whooole lot more fun and beneficial to me. So, the cafe is something i'm stucking towards from now on.

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