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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*The grass isn't so greener on the other side of the pond.....*

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Within this month alone, the japan's female enterntainer world has experienced tragic losts. For instance, singer and actress Noriko Sakai(now 38), and her 10-year old son, have gone missing since August 3rd when her husband was charged for drug possesion. There is no word of her whereabouts or even how see left. Another tragedy this month,vetaran actress Reiko Ohara was found dead in her home this past Thursday in Tokyo's Setagaya Yard. It's believed she has been dead for two weeks before the police found her body. She suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder in the nervous system that causes sudden weakness in the legs and arms, and had not been active in show business since 1999. She was in age of 62. Although it is a sad moment for Japan, the people continue to stay positive in their thoughts and only wish the well being of the missing and best for the families of the deceased. I do as will. I wish you Ms. Sakai and your son a safe return back home.
R.I.P. Reiko Ohara

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