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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*Only in Japan......*

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You can use the Kamen Rider franchise to promote political issues. For the August 30th Lower House election, Jigoku Taishi (Ambassador Hell) and Shinigami Hakase (Dr Death) of the evil Shocker syndicate, the two greatest villians from Kamen Rider, appeared on the event stage in Tokyo. “What comes after we conquer the world? A better nation,” actor Ren Osugi, who plays Jigoku Taishi, shouted after arriving on stage aboard a mock election campaign vehicle. Drawing applause, Osugi and actor Renji Ishibashi, who plays Shinigami Hakase, then declared the establishment of a new political party to run in the election — the Great Shocker Party. I know who has Driger's vote!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

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