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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ikki's final days..........

Here in Georgia...well, today is Mother's Day also it's Sunday the pseudo-begining of the week that i'm suppose to leave for duty this upcoming Friday. I signed up like two years ago, and now they're shipping me out for assignment. Thats sucks bizzzzzzzzzalls!!! Oh well, for the sake of the nation i must answer the call....and shit. Until i get back from my main man, Nappy will hold down the fort for me. Any questions or comments please by all means let them be known to the Napster. As for me, i'll be on a very very very eventful sweaty-ass bumfuck Texas. Yah, Basic in the Summer....Sugoi!!!! Well hey, i'm be in San Antonio...the Fat Capital of the USA..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm imma be one obese airman!!! Wish me the best of luck kiddies.

~ Airman Ikki

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