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Saturday, September 5, 2009

*Hold up!!! Japan did it again!!!!!*

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It was annoucned today that NTT DoCoMo, Japan's leading mobile service, is considering fully entering the U.S. cell phone market next year. Their smartphones and other high-performance handsets with offer the "i-mode" mobile internet service. Fuck 4G, 8G on that ass!! I'm just sayin'. lol.

Anyways, this'll be Japan's first time EVER to release their DoCoMo service overseas. DoCoMo may start their mobile phone service as a mobile virtual network operator leasing network capacity from a major U.S. cell phone service provider. If DoCoMo opts to start the service as an MVNO, it is likely to lease infrastructure from AT&T ot T-Mobile.

Yah, i know all you CDMA users out there will be furious, but DoCoMo runs CDMA and GSM simultaneously.....yah....unlocked kickass phones for realz!! Their actual reason to come over to the states is to pick up the smartphone business after the recession and the iphone's arrival. Yah...NTT said suck their pocky stick Steve Jobs!! ^_^
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Maybe Ren, you'll get your Palm Pre.....with DoCoMo...Hell yah!! ^_^

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