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Thursday, September 10, 2009

*Unleash The Beast!!!!!!!*

We're kickin' it kaiju style up in here, bitches!! As the four heavanly kings of I-Studios, we need to the "unleash the beast" and give you, the people, everything we got. No, the "beast" isn't my enormously large penis (unless you want it to be......^_^), but it's the message we bring to all the otaku, weeaboo, and nooby noobs out there. So, support the anime community by supporting yourself. "What do you mean??" you ask. I mean, don't stop drawing and making AMVs. Don't stop buying DVD and torrenting entire series (i'm guilty of it, Don't stop hanging out in the manga section of your local bookstore or local anime store (if your lucky). Keep being the beautiful person you are and have fun doing what you love to do. That's are message. Don't stop being who you are and don't stop dreaming of who you want to be. Especially you fucking dream factory!!! lol!!!

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