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Saturday, September 5, 2009

*Otaku Pride*

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Well here in America, the term "otaku" has been stretched out to many different descriptions. Like for one, if you like anime, they consider themselves an "otaku". Or, if they ONLY listing to j-pop/j-rock and eat pocky as a three-course meal, they consider themselves an otaku. Correction, the TRUE basis of the term otaku is an insult in Japan. One who obessess (to dangerous limitations) to a certain subject and completely denouces all rational and logical thought to obtain said target of obsession.

Yah...scary shit, eh?? It can also be used in a more positive light as for instance, anime, manga, music, and the japanese entertainment being a passion and an inspiration to urge one to excel in their own ways. Like the various american, canadian, and european mangaka out there and even american movie directors creating an homage or remake to many of the greatest japanese films that has release in the past 50 years.

We at Itadakimasu! Studios are the passionate, loving, caring, and inspirated otaku that want to break the rest of the nation out of its facade of false fandom. The revolution has started......It's up to you to change the future of the North American otaku community. Not even North America, around the entire world. Otaku no Gaijin Unite!!

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