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Saturday, September 5, 2009

*Now this is news!!!!!!!!!*

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Tokyo newspaper, Sankei Sports, has announced that it will be holding its next Bikini Photo Session at Studio Folio 3 Studio in Roppongi on Sept 26, at which participants are allowed to take photos of the models around in bikinis and uniforms. *drools* uhhhhhhhhhhh.................MUST...GO.....TO.....ROPPONGI!!!! ^_^ The 5th session will feature Lio, 24, a Tokyo model who enjoys her ballet and dancing; Tomoyo Hoshino, 18, a third-year high school girl from Tochigi; Kana Kanisawa, 25, a “food fighter” from Miyagi; Erika Kuroishi, 25, from Ibaraki and who took out the “Miss Young Magazine” award in 1999; and Kaori Mizusawa, 21, a model from Chiba who enjoys hula hoops.

The women will appear in four photo sessions with the first starting at 12 p.m. and each session lasting 70 minutes. One session costs 7,500 yen but the price drops to 7,000 yen per session for those who buy tickets to two or more sessions. Tickets bought on the day cost 1,000 yen more per session. No refunds will be issued. People attending are free to take photos but are asked to refrain from taking shots from low angles, and video cameras are prohibited. Those attending the event for the first time need to bring some form of identification. That means NO PERVERTS ALLOWED!!!!

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