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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

*Old school justice rightly served.......*

....from the blade of a sword, not the barrel of a gun or the ink of the pen and word of the tongue through tediuous legal precedures. No, with the swift dismemberment of hack-n-slash justice!!! Just the way i like it. In Baltimore, (Yes...Fucking Baltimore!!!), a serial burglar was slain with a katana after he broke into a man’s home. The dude fucking hacked off the burglar’s hand and slashed his neck, which eventually killed him. That's fucking awesome!!!!

The guy who's home was broken to was a medical student at the John Hopkins University. He was living there with some other students too. Well, he he had recently reported a similar break-in in which laptops and a PlayStation were stolen. Good, good..he did the right thing. Well this time another guy, a 40-year-old career criminal just released from prison with a long history of burglaries was going to try to mark this house.

The burglar was discovered breaking in through their garage, and while police were being called the burglar was confronted by the student, who was armed with a katana. Hell yah!!!! The burglar came at the student, who retailiated hitting him with the sword, slicing off his right hand and gave him severe lacerations to the upper torso and one to the neck, finishing the guy.

The police didn't charge the kid, but he's being charged with self-defense. That what i like to see...Real world justice.

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