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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

*Let's take a little break from all the crazies...*

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And talk about music. Yes, something this
blog is s'pose to be about. Anyways, one of my favorite electronica DJ's is back in action after fifteen years, DJ Ken Ishii. On the jacket of his most recent album, he’s pictured wearing suit of samurai armor. Turns out the new look is more than metaphorical.

As he celebrates 15 years since debuting on legendary Belgian techno label R & S Records, Ishii spends as much time abroad as he does at home. While it was Ishii’s Detroit-techno-inspired 1995 album Jelly Tones that brought him worldwide recognition, it’s his skill behind the decks that keeps him in demand as a DJ. While Ishii’s fans will have to wait a bit longer for a new full-length album, the DJ continues to create new music at his home studio in Shinagawa.

His latest project is an application for the Apple iPhone. “What I did is called Play-Pix,” he explains. “The user can make a moving photo album set to my music, and then they can upload a movie to YouTube. It’s going to be released in a month or two.” Those wanting to interact more closely with Ken can also take part in his ongoing collaborative remix contest through Sound & Recordings magazine and his dedicated 15th anniversary MySpace site.

Participants use parts from Ishii’s tracks and remix them into any genre of music they please. The contest runs through August 31, and the winner gets a chance to release the track worldwide through Ishii’s 70 Drums label.

For info, check out his myspace page at:

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